Life is not just to live. It is the time to find your Destiny. As everyone have different face expressions different body languages different styles, everyone will have a destiny. It will vary for each persons. Your destiny will be not mine and mine will be not for others.

In the book “Alchemist” written by paulo coelho, writer introducing a boy who trying to find his destiny and met with a alchemist in the desert. This book is a wonderful work by paulo coelho where he compares life as a treasure hunt. Yes, We all have a treasure to find. Its our destiny. Here I am going to tell how can find your destiny. It is kept under secret now, so you have to explore it. It took lot of time and energy. So are you ready for the great treasure hunt?
How can find your destiny..

1. Identify yourself with the world.
As you are finding your destiny in this World it is important that you to be a part of the world. This world is not only the trees, mountains, animals, peoples, buildings, etc…. I am defining this world as Love. Love is where the World reveal it self. When you are being filled with love you are actually becoming a part of world. It is the language of the world. If you are able to understand this language, then no doubt you are in the correct path to your trasure. You will find your destiny.

2. Dont forget your past

A person have three ages of time. past, present and future. Present is the time where you are currently standing. past is time that behind you and you will dont get that moments back. Future is the time you have to face in next moment (in our words where our destiny is hided). When we are going to future, past has great important. because there we can see the mistakes that we made, and we can learn from it. so that we will not make that mistake again. so dont forget our past. Our past is the Candle that can light up our future.

3. Be an Integrated person

An integrated person is one who is at peace with himself, his society and his God. The aim and ambitions of such a person are in accord with his capacities and goals. So he will be a persons who knows his strengths and weakness. This integrated approach to life will help in the formation of strong character. He will surely reach in his destiny.

These are the simple way to find your treasure.

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