Best Mirror makes you Perfect


Hi my dear friends…
Here I am begining a new series on the topic “Ideal Life”. What is meant by Ideal Life? It is a way of living. We are living in a large society includes Success Failure and average people. I don’t know what is your position. But in every situations we can build an Ideal Life.

The first part in the making of ideal life is getting Good Friends. To share your happy moments, success, also your failures and sorrows, it is good to have a circle of best friends. So if you feel lonliness, their supppots gives you power to stand again and helps to fly against the wind. There is a old saying that: “If you have a good friend, then you don’t need a mirror.

So from today try to enlarge your friend’s circle. See it as a part of your daily life. Every day try to find a new friend. Talk with him, find his good qualities, Learn from him, Love him. Keep the relationships regularly. Today we have technologies also improved. Social medias are there chatting apps are there. Use it in a good way. It will helps you to have regular contacts with your friends. Don’t spent too much time only in social media. It is better to visit them directly than visiting through social media.
Getting Good Friends is the first way to build an Ideal Life. In upcoming posts I will share next steps for the ideal life. Hope you enjoy this. I am very happy to hear your comments, ideas and suggestions. You can share it below or send a mail to me at . Keep in touch with me..

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