Medicine for Long Life


Its me again with Leukos Words. Today I am going to tell about a medine for your Long Life. Everyone will have a dream to live for long years and to rule around the world. If you are ready to take this small medine, you can be healthy for life long. This medicine will not get in any medical shops. So what will do?

Ok I am going to reveal the secret. The Medicine for the Long Life is simply Respect your Parents.
“How can we respect our Parents?” As considering age they are older than us, and having more years of life experience, we should Respect them. Respect is foundational to Love, and one of the best way to show your love to the parents is respect. Treat them with all respect. Here are the some small tips to remember when you are talking or sitting or walking with your parents. If you try to do this, your family relationships will surely improved, and you can enjoy with that happy moments. I am also trying to apply this in my practical daily life.

First thing you have to do while talking with them is put your cell phones away even your laptop and video games too. It is the most Important point that we should considered. If you do this, it will show your interest to talk with them. So they will also feel happy to talk with you.

Always do to accept their opinions. Don’t be little/ criticize their opinions and thoughts. If they are going to ask you to do anything, DO it, before they ask you to. It makes them happy.

Don’t laugh at them, when they make any mistakes and don’t raise your voice at them. Choose your words carefully when speaking with them and share all good informations with them. Include them in your family activities. While they talking to you or anyone else don’t interrupt between their talk. Listen to them carefully and in their presence don’t go to any other side conversation with other persons. If they repeat a story listen like its the first time they tell it.

Always remember the good things that they did for you in the past times. and be thankful to them for that good past, by giving your love and care. Give them hugs and kisses they still love it. Do remember them in your Prayers. Always find time to spend with them. Give the higher priority in your life. You only get one set of parents in life. Love Them, Respect Them

In Bible we can read that “Respect your father and mother, as the LORD the God hath commanded you. If you do that, you will have a long life. Also, your life will be good and happy in the country that God is giving to you.”

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