Life is not just to live. It is the time to find your Destiny. As everyone have different face expressions different body languages different styles, everyone will have a destiny. It will vary for each persons. Your destiny will be not mine and mine will be not for others. In the book “Alchemist” written by […]


Best Mirror makes you Perfect

Hi my dear friends… Here I am begining a new series on the topic “Ideal Life”. What is meant by Ideal Life? It is a way of living. We are living in a large society includes Success Failure and average people. I don’t know what is your position. But in every situations we can build […]

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Medicine for Long Life

Its me again with Leukos Words. Today I am going to tell about a medine for your Long Life. Everyone will have a dream to live for long years and to rule around the world. If you are ready to take this small medine, you can be healthy for life long. This medicine will not […]

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+ve Thoughts

Making of your character should begin from your inner heart. If your mind is clean, ordered and filled with positive thoughts, then you surely succeed in your life If your inner thoughts are disordered, then you can’t success in your career, personal life, even also in your class test. Making arranged and ordered mind will […]

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Genesis of Leukos

  Hi Leukos Words is my new Blog. First of all I have to say the Meaning of the title. Leukos is means “White”. We know that white is the color of purity,goodness. So Leukos Words are the words of Goodness. It makes your life into meaningful. This blog will expose my Life experiences and […]

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